MFE Appointed Sole Agent in Hong Kong and Macau.

Welcome to Harmony Engineering Technology.

Harmony Construction Company Ltd was established in 2014, we work on both civil and building construction works, our scope of works includes: ELS, timber formwork, system formwork, self-climbing formwork system, scaffolding, concrete, reinforcement fixing and labour supply.  

We have been appointed by MFE Aluminium Formwork Technology Sdn Bhd. (former: Mivan) to be their sole agent in Hong Kong and Macau region.

MFE Profile

MFE were the first in the world to successfully commercialize the use aluminium formwork on an industrial scale, and after years as market leaders, our customers know the benefits of MFE come from our experience, reliability and dependability.  Our company values provide us with a solid foundation to offer concrete forming solutions that deliver faster construction times and achieve higher quality and increased efficiency on site.

Opened in 2015, our global headquarters and manufacturing center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is spread over 15 acres and boasts a state-of-the art manufacturing facility with extensive design and development resources to ensure that MFE continues to be the industry leader.

MFE aluminum formwork allows our customers to build concrete structures that are strong, accurate in dimensions and tolerances, and provide high quality finished concrete surfaces.  At the same time, the MFE system is easy to use, significantly speeds up construction times, and can provide substantial savings in overall construction costs.

Our Services

Heavy Lifting

  • Design, supply, and install

Cathodic Protection

  • Design, supply, and install

System Formwork

  • MFE hand set aluminium formwork system
  • MFE quick deck system
  • MFE Self-climbing safety platform and protective screen system
  • HET Climbform for core Wall

Traditional Timber Formwork

  • Conventional timber formwork

Supply and Installation of Scaffolding System

  • Standard prop scaffold
  • Heavy duty prop scaffold
  • Access platform and stairs

Labour Supply

  • Supply of  worker
  • Supply of skilled/qualified worker for Aluminum System Form work
  • Supply of skilled/qualified worker for Metal Scaffolding
  • Supply of  security guard